Is there a limit to how many people can fit into the booth?
AWhen selecting the hard-wall booth, a maximum of ten people can fit into the booth at any given time…however, we do have an option to remove the back panel so you are able to fit a lot more people as well as a green screen option that allows many, many more!
Are we limited in how many photos we can take?
AAbsolutely not! You and your guests are able to take as many photos as your heart desires. You do not have any limits to the amount of photos during the duration of your rental.
Will someone from Photobooth Edmonton be able to help during our event?
AMost definitely! One of our team members will be there to help the guests of your event the ENTIRE time of your rental so you don’t have to worry about a thing!
Can we make customizations to the booth and photo prints to suit our event?
AWe know how much an event means to you. Whether it is for a wedding, party, or corporate event we are able to customize the booth with your own company decals and decor as well as customize the photo prints to include your name, event title, dates, and logos.
How long will it be until I receive my photo prints?
AYou will literally receive your photo prints within 6 seconds of taking your images. So if you aren’t satisfied with the images you capture you will know right away and can take some more…remember, there are no limits to the amount of photos you can take!
Where can I set up my photobooth?
AAnywhere! Our booths are completely portable and can fit in any passenger elevator, so there really isn’t any space that we can’t set up a photobooth in!

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